Monday, October 26, 2009

I think VAMPIRES are cool.

Ok, I know this might sound lame a lil bit
As this phenomenon has already lasted about almost a year, kot?
But it all happened when I went back home last Saturday, despite of atin being sick with flu and all.
We reached home and blame the bloody speaker kat home PC. Instead of watching Futurama, I ended reading 'Twilight' for god's sake!
It got interesting and more and more and more. Shit. I spend almost 5 hours in front of pc just to read till the end of book one.
By the end of it, I swear that Edward Cullen is the most mysterious, drop-dead-gorgeous, lethal but irresistable and alluring in so many unphatomable ways. And I think I almost wish that he was REAL!

Not only Edward, but I think all of the Cullens family is very appealing in their own special ways. My sis said she's drawn to the big bro, Emmet (fav. meal - Grizzly bears). All of sudden, I understood why people are terribly obsessive with him. It makes me sound childish and almost stupid, but he rocks my world. Haha.

ps- I think my eyes dah tak boleh tahan lagi dah the long hours staring at my lappy screen just for the sake of reading the rest of the books (Mind you today I slept after subuh prayers). I've just finished the 2nd book, might as well move on to the next. Can't hardly wait.

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