Wednesday, May 18, 2011

First entry for 2001 :)

Salam :)

After a year, finally I'm updating my blog! Hahahah...maybe it's the blessing of May, the month of celebration and happiness kot. May ade;

1. Birthdays (Me, Mak, Abang)
2. Holidays (Labour Day, Wesak Day, School Holidays)
3. Celebration (Teachers Day, Mothers Day)


Nothing much to tell actually, not really lah. I have tons to write but now I'm facing writer's block at the moment. Lots of things happen within this one year. I mean since May 2010 until May 2011 lah...too many thatI think I'll be needing several posts (after I overcome my writer's block :x) to tell the whole stories. Starting from my birthday last year, and this year. A lot has changed. A lot had happened. Too much too tell, don't know where to start.

Before I end this first 2011 post, nak wish selamat exam utk semua budak2 IB and A Level yg tengah berhempas pulas mcm dlm gambar bawah ni. hihihihihih...... (selamat aku dah tempuh zaman ni dengan jayanya)

All the best guys...I know you can do it :)

Kepada yang lain2...bukan tanak wish tp exam korang dah I nak wish selamat dapat result yg bagus2 k....You all kan my rakSASERs :)
Till my next post, I akan tulis yg best2 la. Harini just sesi warming up je after a year. Ahaks!