Sunday, December 23, 2007


Not that long since I wrote the first blog.

But really, blogging is an addiction. Especially, repeated again - especially when u really-really dun have anything to do or just simply dun feel like doin nuthing. Hehe... maybe I'm the latter. It's a short period, but long journey. *sigh*

We intended to go (we = me, atin n awie) to One Utama, as Atin wanna buy new baju (or shud I say bajus since it's in plural form?). So we went off, and unluckily we missed one junction and that's it, we landed straight into Kepong if I'm not mistaken. Tau jelah jalan KL, one way, fully ruled by traffic lights and mind u it was already dark! Uwwwwaaaaa!!!! Finally we managed to find a roundabout, and went back to the direction we're from.

Part 2 of the misery was, there's too many exits to Damansara, but none indicated 'KOTA DAMANSARA'. Shit, I swear that I swore so many times under my breath (I dun wanna my bro to pickup my 'great' manipulation of language from me as he's only 14). So we ended in Sg. Buloh. Dun ask me where, but thank goodness one of Atin's friend managed to help us out to get back to D'shire. Finally! Akhirnya sampai la jugak ke one utama. Pity awie muka mcm kesian sgt sbb tgk aku jem kot..huhuhu...

Part 3 of the misery, Atin's shoes cut into my foot. Aiyooo...sakit maaa...jalan suda jauh. Huhuhu.
But as all fairy tales or most of the stories always end, we shopped happily ever after. Hahaha...

Ps-Atin u're so lucky u got all the lovely bajus as we went thru so much misery to get there...huhu...

So, may Atin be happy and blessed with all her new items in her wardrobe. THE END.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Blogs, everyone blog *durhh*

Whatta nice welcoming note I wrote to myself. It's a brand new blog, eventhou I'm not really clear why did I wanna start using blogspot all of sudden. (I'm still wondering...hrmmm...) Maybe it's simpler than the ones we hav in frenster. But credit still goes to friendster, bcoz I started blogging with it. Cheers!
I'm not a great writer then, I juz write the things that cross my mind at that particular time.But I prefer reading actually, it sounds lame but it's true reading broadens the horizon. (haha!) But believe it or not, blogging is also one kind of reading materials nowadays. Wont be surprised if in 2-3 years time we teachers are allowed to have sources from blogs to be introduced in the classroom! Even my-not-so-IT-savvy-mom knows what a blog is, and the damage it cud do to one. (becoz lots of blogs wounded the politicians reputation nowadays, that's where she pick up things I guess...hehe). But I bet my father hardly knows what blog is, seeing that he always have the clerks to do his biddings. *HMs...that's them!*
School holiday has slowly come to the end...I really envy my form 5 students as they'll hav long holidays before the results come in. Yess, THE SPM RESULT. I really hope that they cud pull great enuff to earn them so-well-deserved scholarship. They worked so hard u know, not like during my days. Maybe there's a bunch of kids who really actually work hard, but it's definitely not me. That's why I reasoned that they really really deserve the scholarship. (Hoping if there's any JPA, MARA or any Scholar Officers who's reading this, read my lips - THEY DESERVE SCHOLARSHIP). Been there for my first year, and witnessed everything they did. Kinda funny u know, looking at them playing truants, and study hard, organizing events, and study hard, entertaining us, and study hard etc. The list goes on. But at the end, they won the battle and left. Huhu, left. A short acquintance, but 1000 memories. I wish u guys all the best :)
Didn't do anything much during holiday (not even qualified to be one). Went to Abg Fazlan n Kak Chiko's wedding. Whatta wedding! (Great one, seriously)

and we wont waste the opportunity to be photographed with the newlyweds!

We wish u happily ever after, n blessed with lots of beautiful kids! Hehe...

Well, that's all for now I guess. Till then, bye!