Monday, February 18, 2008

My first cake

I’m totally elated now!

Yesterday I baked a cake!

The cake in question is a rich, dark and moist chocolate cake. Yummy sure does taste great then! Well, credit goes to my housemate who taught me how to do so. I neva thought the preparation of a cake that’s so delicious would be as easy as that.

First, we measured the ingredients. Ala..lebih2 kurang je..huhu..mixture pun nampak cem bodo je kan...
Then, we baked the first layer of the cake. I was so mesmerized by it and I sat next to the oven so that I could have a close-up of the progress made by my cake! Haha…kelakar laa…

Nampak x kek dah kembang? Nak masak la tuh!
Then Sue(my housemate) showed me how the chocolate layer is made. It’s called double boiling. Unfortunately I forgot to snap the picture… Then we put a layer of chocolate topping on the first cake that we baked.

Then we baked the second layer of the cake and we slathered it with rich and generous helping of chocolate topping! Yummm!

The decoration goes with several drips of white chocs. Tadaaa!!!! Done!

I’m so proud of myself..haha…

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